24 September, 2010

And You Thought You Had A Bad Day

Brescia played Roma over the weekend. Nothing big. Heck, I'm not even one to want to watch Italian football on the account of all that diving and acting... I get enough of that at the local theater when I actually am drug out to see a show, so when I heard about this game, I figured I hadn't seen a good show in a while. And I was right.

First, French defender (for Roma) Mexes gets all ball on a breakaway yet is straight red carded. And honestly, the guy may have been offsides as well, but it was close.

Personally, I love the calm demeanor right up till he is about to go all crazy on the AR.

Then, already down to 10 men, and with about 1-2 minutes of injury time left in the game, the Roma keeper comes out and this happens:

It's been reported that it was a dislocated ankle, but my Italian sucks so I can't back that up. Either way, Roma had used all their subs so the keeper had to just suck it up and get back between the pipes with just some tape holding his ankle together.

Oh, and Roma ended up losing 2-1.

It's still not going to get me watch Serie A ball, but it's good to see an interesting game come out of there every once in a while.

Video: xyalejandroyx and Daddyshylock87

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