16 September, 2010

Brazil 2014 World Cup Stadium Choices

Yesterday, we brought you the Qatari bid stadiums for the 2022 World Cup. Aside from the whole water taxi thing, it left some to be desired.

That said, it got us wondering what we have to look forward to in Brazil...

Some nice ones they got there. What strikes me as interesting though, go back and watch it again. Notice the number of ~40K capacity stadiums? Is it me or are they learning from South Africa's mistake of not being able to fill a stadium? Not that I think they'll have any issue what-so-ever (something about 199,854 reported in attendance at the 1950 Brazil WC at the Maracana has me thinking the fire officials will never let that happen again).

Just remember, if you don't end up scoring tickets for the Brazilian World Cup, just reschedule your flight through Trinidad. I hear they always seem to have tickets for sale for the right price.

Video: Pedrorodrigues03

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