09 September, 2010

Defoe Out For 6 Weeks

Luckily, Spurs have Pav, Crouch, Keane, Dos Santos and some guy named VdV (I kid)... Coming off the pitch with a slight limp after putting 3 up on Bulgaria, Defoe found out he has some damaged ankle ligaments.

This is the same guy that put off surgery for a groin injury, not two weeks ago, to help Tottenham on it's CL campaign.

I guess when your body tells you to take a break, you take a break or it breaks you. Jermaine, if you are listening, get it all fixed up and healed up, then come back ready to play. Sure, you'll miss most of the CL group stage, but rather that than be the next Woodgate for Spurs.

Photo: Daily Mail

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