06 September, 2010

FIFA Investigates Sale of ~7000 English Fans' Passport Info

Um, oops. Looks like FIFA is in a little trouble. Apparently, ~7000 English fans' (including a former Swedish PM) passport info was sold on to the black market for possible use in future ticket fraud. FIFA, of course, denies that it was their fault and blame a "rogue" employee.

No what isn't surprising, is that Match Hospitality, the ticket sellers for the 2006 WC, are run by a Blatter, more specifically, Sepp Blatter's nephew, Phillipe. Match Hospitality holds the exclusive rights to sell tickets for the 2010 WC and 2014 WC. That contract was awarded 3 years ago.

So, wait, 2006 WC info should be out of the system and shouldn't be floating around FIFA, right? I mean, look, the contract was awarded in 2007, a year after the 2006 WC in Germany. Well, don't count FIFA out. They obviously like to keep stuff in house, especially since the bid for the ticket rights was a closed bid (no one saw the bidding amounts) but it went surprisingly to a Blatter, who conveniently enough has an office across the way from FIFA HQ. Hmmm. Don't bet that FIFA doesn't have your info if you've bought tickets from them in the past 6-10yrs. And the odds aren't too good for you if you think they'll just keep your info all safe and private either.

I seem to remember the disclaimer by FIFA when I purchased tickets for the 2006 WC along the lines of "your info is private and will not be shared with anyone without your permission". Somehow, I don't think they'll lose a case or class action against them if someone sues.

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