21 September, 2010

Gale Agbossoumonde Released by Sporting Braga

Jason Davis over at MatchFitUSA caught this on Yanks-Abroad's site: "[Sporting Braga] changed their staff all of a sudden and got a new director and a new president. At the last minute they disagreed [about bringing me back]."

So it looks as if Brazilian-run Traffic and Sporting Braga disagreed about contract terms after Braga changed management and as Abgossoumonde's contract came to an end (never-mind that Braga also is in relatively dire financial straits). After finishing up a disappointing run in Peru with the US U20 team, Gale returned to Portugal but is staying with fellow American Tony Taylor and training with Portuguese 2nd div team, Estoril while he decides where to go (presumably during the winter cycle, which is quite a ways off).

Now, technically, he is still on the books for FC Miami but whether they want to pay his contract or give him playing time, is a mute point as Traffic owns them and has partial ownership of Estoril. Apparently, Traffic feels that Gale would be better served training with a higher caliber team while they market him around.

Granted, he was limited on playing time with Braga's first team, but he did acquit himself well in North Ireland running the back line for the US team so it is quite possible that we may see him return to a 1st div team in Portugal. Most likely, though, he may be better served (and marketed) by making a run for the nordic leagues of Denmark, Norway and Sweden where American defenders have shown themselves to be quite prolific.

Photo: Belfast Telegraph


  1. I have seen that boy play and he is quite good. I think they are underestimating his potentials. if the U.S men national team is ever going to make any significant impact in the world of soccer, we should start by building a better defense. And that should include young talent like Gale. They should pair him up with a team that would utilize his defensive qualities and presense while maximizing his potential.

  2. I currently go to his previous school in New York. He is intimidating and very very good at soccer.

  3. I think he is a very good soccer player and a wounderful boy. They have no idea what they just lost . Im his number one fan, and cannt wait to see how far this boy will go.


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