19 September, 2010

Goal of the Week

At first, there was one clear winner for this, but after this weekend, I'm actually stumped between three. I'll show them to you and you can help me decide:

Berbatov Bike vs. Liverpool

Fabregas's no look deflection

Edmar's Backheel Corner Goal

Video: Gongto, Gongto, Hqsport


  1. Tough call between Berbatov and Edmar. Berbs goal is like the picture perfect example of a bicycle kick goal (or "Chilena") that could be used as a model for video games and such. That is exactly the goal every kid dreams about.

    Edmar gets bonus points for creativity and doing the unexpected, though. Did not see that coming. I don't think I've ever seen anything like it.

    Have to rule out Cesc for the lack of a clear intention, especially because he got injured on the play. That's not good. So my vote goes:

    1. Edmar (originality)
    2. Berbatov (technique)
    3. Fabregas (luck)

  2. Any goal against the hated mackems usually wins, but I watched the highlights (Oahu-fox sports west 11pm Sundays) and Berbatov was amazing. Bicycle kick wins it


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