10 September, 2010

He Gone!

Anyone familiar with Chicago sports will recognize the line, "He Gone!" Basically, the subject of the comment was unceremoniously dumped, caught out, etc. In this case, Carlos Quieroz is gone.

Just days after a 4-4 draw with Cyprus and a 1-0 loss to Norway in Euro 2012 qualifying, Quieroz was released by the Portuguese Football Federation.

Now, granted, the insulting of doping officials also had something to do with it, but with 2 years left on his contract, he's out. No word on a severance package, but considering the state of players/coaches lately and the lack of federations and teams to sign 'smart' packages, we here at TSI expect the payout to be somewhere in the $2-3mil range.

A replacement coach search is to begin immediately and they hope to have him installed by their next international match on October 8th.

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  1. Part of me says "too bad we just renewed Bradley's contract" but then the intelligent part of me kicks in. He sucks. Didn't this guy briefly coach the New York/New Jersey Metrostars? He was the original coach in 1996, sucked, quit. The following coach was none other than Carlos Alberto Perreira. The Metrostars had quite a parade of coaches: Queiroz (one season), Carlos Alberto (one season), Bora Milutinovic (one season), Octavio Zambrano (four seasons), and then Bob Bradley (three seasons). That was the final season of the MetroStars, as they became Red Bull NY when Bradley departed. I'd be proud to have that list as the history of coaches of the US National Team, let alone the MetroStars.


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