15 September, 2010

How's That Bid Going For You

Fifa made its last stop on a tour of places offering kickbacks and bribes, I mean bidding to give kickbacks and bribes, I mean bidding for WC2022.

Welcome to Qatar's bid:

Aside from seeing a lot of water taxis somehow involved in transportation, I'm kind of worried about the no alcohol problem with Arabic countries, the fact that heat will be extreme outside the stadiums and designated "cooling" facilities and no mention is made of accommodation (you know that's going to be silly expensive).

I'd like to say they won't get the bid, but you know Fifa has to be licking their chops at a new influx of money and saying how they now have hit every major area. Next up, Fifa changing the rules again and saying the Europe gets it every other Cup, with only previous WC winners getting the Cups in between.

PS- Anyone else notice the comments on the one stadium reading "Shirtless Obama"?

Video: Qatar2022bid

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