01 September, 2010

It's Official, Welcome Your Newest Hotspur

Ah, yeah. And I hear her husband can play some pretty good ball too.

After hearing about "technical difficulties" in the Real Madrid fire sale on Van der Vaart yesterday (he dropped from ~£18 to £8million in the matter of hours), I was fearing the worst.

Apparently, the difficulties were server issues and after the EPL checked into it, they confirmed that was the apparent holdup, and have since rubber stamped the move.

So what do you think? Scary midfield with Bale, Van der Vaart, Modric, and Lennon, ain't it? And that's just in the 4-4-2. Add in Copa Liberadores champ Sandros or England national Huddlestone, with Defoe and either Keane or Crouch up top and you have a solid lineup.



  1. After failing to mark Iniesta on the World Cup winning goal, Van der Vaart has gone straight downhill. Although you would think the fans in Madrid would love him for that error. Maybe Casillas is mad because Van der Vaart's wife is hotter than his girlfriend and forced him out.

  2. Damn, now that's some good "form." CLose between her and Casillas' WAG. Good job for the Spurs . .


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