20 September, 2010

Joke of the Day

So Malcolm Glazer walks into a children's museum and proceeds to teach children about proper banking... Well, it's not a joke.

Welcome to The Glazer Children's Museum. Kids can take their turns at sports, engineering, a cruise ship and learning proper banking where "Children can explore the basics of banking and commerce through fun activities and toys. Earn 'money' by answering questions or doing simple activities – then 'spend' it to make something happen like powering a train, launching a rocket, or lighting up City Hall!"

Now presumably, they won't let you make complicated financial transactions such as taking out leveraged loans so that you can purchase large football clubs and then promptly run up the debt and tell their fan clubs to go fornicate themselves, but it is the Glazer family, so I wouldn't be surprised if that function was still allowed.

No word yet on how the Museum is being paid for, but I would watch your kids to make sure they aren't being mortgaged like Liverpool is considering with their players.

Photo: SanJuanUpdate

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