01 September, 2010

Man City at the Deadline

The transfer deadline has come and gone. A few things have leaked out. Spurs tried to sign Van der Vaart from Real Madrid, but baring a miracle, he's not moving (technical difficulties on the transfer supposedly). Rumors were rife that Man City would make another big signing after the whole Balotelli move.

Then there is the whole Man City roster size problem. They had to take drop numbers down to get to the 25 man roster maximum by today. Now, technically, they can use an unlimited number of foreign U21 players to supplement that 25, but that's going to be tough for any team to find that good a player at that age that can step in ready to play.

So let's look... They started with 33 possible first teamers.

Out on Loan:
32- Craig Bellamy (Cardiff)
31- Caicedo (Levante)
30- Vladimir Weiss (Rangers)
29- Onuoha (Sunderland)
28- Kieran Trippier (Barnsley- probably wasn't going top 25 roster though)

27- Benjani (Blackburn)
26- Robinho (AC Milan)
25- Clayton (Leeds- but honestly, not sure he was top 25 material anyways)
24- Stephen Ireland (Aston Villa)

25- James Milner (Aston Villa)
26- Mario Balotelli (Inter Milan)

Now they had bought Jerome Boateng back on July 1st and a few others, but when writing our original article, that was already factored in.

Looks like they are possibly one heavy. Now, there may still be a loan/sale we are unaware of that might conclude in the next day or so, but unlikely. Man City took a huge wash on the Robinho sale, somewhere in the region of $20mil. Highly unlikely that they would take another hit with one of their other players.

So where does that leave the rest of the team? I'm already assuming that the handful of purchases in the summer are all in the 25 man roster. Michael Johnson and Wayne Bridge are both due back inside a month from extended injuries. Are they worth the roster spot now? Or should they rehab and train until winter? What about Jo or the other overpriced and underperforming South American, Roque Santa Cruz? Our bet is on one of those two not making the roster. You could also not listen to our guess and just check their roster on Sky Sports.

We shall see by this weekend, who's in, who's out and who's the next in queue to complain about Man City's management.

Photo: ESQConsulting

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  1. I say Roque Santa Cruz goes. He's good, but not that special. Look for him to go out on loan to Spain or South America


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