01 September, 2010

More Irony Than You Can Legally Handle

Ha. Haha. Hahahahahahaha. That's what I had to say after the recent FIFA/UEFA announcement.

"In the specific context of South Africa, the vuvuzela adds a touch of local flavour and folklore, but Uefa feels that the instrument's widespread use would not be appropriate in Europe, where a continuous loud background noise would be emphasised. Uefa is of the view that the vuvuzelas would completely change the atmosphere, drowning supporter emotions and detracting from the experience of the game. To avoid the risk of these negative effects in the stadiums where Uefa competitions are played and to protect the culture and tradition of football in Europe ... Uefa has decided with immediate effect that vuvuzelas will not be allowed in the stadiums where Uefa competitions matches are played."

So, that whole thing with the World Cup and being "fun and bringing character to the game" was absolute crap. Any way you color this, UEFA is admitting that the vuvuzela is annoying as heck and took away from the game, as well as ticks off quite a few fans in the stands and home.

Glad we can all agree then. UEFA is duplicitous and people blowing vuvuzelas at games should be taken out back and ritually beaten.

I swear I didn't mean to blow that vuvuzela. Please don't stick it back there!

Photo: Melbournevictory

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