04 September, 2010

Slow Weekend of Soccer

Yeah, a couple Euro '12 qualifiers, but between ESPN/FSC, only the England v Bulgaria game is being shown and 8-9 times at that.

So, get your netflix on, or swing by Blockbuster if you still have one of those in your neighborhood and pick this up.

Looking for Eric directed by Ken Loach.

It's a British release and follows a guy who idolizes Man U and Eric Cantona. Now personally, I can't support a guy who wants to pump up Man U and the Red Devils, but it's Eric "The Pimp" Cantona. In case you were wondering, here's a little clip:

Gotta love a guy who remembers not one of his famous goals, but rather an assist to a fellow teammate. To all of you kids out there, game on.

Video: Amikokavtaradze

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