09 September, 2010

Start Your Bets On The Next England Manager

Wow, lot of shockers today. First John Daley announces he won't run for re-election in Chicago (been forever since a Daley wasn't in charge in some capacity there) now Capello states he will retire from England after Euro 2012.

Guess he didn't want any more opinions on his Capelloindex.

The FA has already stated that their next manager will be an Englishman. So who's it going to be? 'Arry Redknapp (3/1)? Hodgson (20/1)? Hughes (25/2)? (all on

Going to have to wait to find out, but if whoever it is doesn't produce in 2014, to quote Han Solo, "this is going to be one short trip..."

Photo: News of the World

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