26 September, 2010

Trapattoni Channels Seinfeld

Former Italian national coach and current Irish national coach, Giovanni Trapattoni was interviewed in the wake of the arrest of Ecuadorian and former World Cup ref Byron Moreno.

To give some background, Moreno was Head Ref for the 2002 WC 2nd round game that saw South Korea upset and eliminate Italy. First, South Korea got an early, if questionable, pk which was saved. Then 13 minutes into extra time, Totti was ejected for simulation (debatable since he is Italian... and they have a rep for a reason). Three minutes from the final whistle, South Korea struck the decisive winner and moved on.

Now, it has been debated that South Korea was given questionable calls because it was co-hosting the WC, but now, Moreno has been arrested while smuggling several bags of heroin into the US by taping them to his chest and body.

In the wake of recent events, Trapattoni was asked about Moreno: "I saw even before going out onto the pitch against South Korea that it wasn't going to go well with the referee," Trapattoni said Wednesday. "Now maybe Trapattoni's reign on Italy's bench will be read under a different light." (AP)

This, we think is circumstantial as Trapattoni was still in charge of Italy when, during the Euro 04 group play, we saw them crash out despite having not lost a game (it can happen when you have nothing but low scoring draws). Ultimately, this, compounded with the 2002 WC and other less than stellar displays saw him canned.

Still, it's always funny to hear someone talk about themselves in 3rd person, as if they are above the fray and by speaking in such a way, they somehow lend "outside" observations to their opinions of themselves.
Trapattoni thinks you like how Trapattoni looks...

Photo: Timmynaija

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