23 September, 2010

Where in the World is Lothar?

Since we last joined our intrepid German, Matthäus, has been quite the busy bee.

Lothar spent some time bouncing around Europe coaching after retiring from playing. He's been everywhere from Rapid Vienna to Partizan Belgrade, and then jumping up to the national pool by taking over as the head coach for Hungary from 2003-5.

And he wasn't too bad as a national coach, either. He did win about ~40% of his games (11 of 28), which is more than quite a few of their previous coaches could say.

After he left (he was pretty bitter, after the fact, saying Hungary exploited their football players), he moved to Austria to coach Red Bull Salzburg and did a stint in Israel with Maccabi Netanya as well.

Now, he's back...

Welcome your new Bulgarian National Coach, Lothar Matthäus.

It makes some sense. His time with Partizan gave him some familiarity with the country and now that he and his 4th wife are living separately, he's got some time on his hands.

What remains to be seen is now that former Bulgarian coach Stoilov is out of the picture, will "King Sulk" Berbatov return to the fold with the Bulgarian National Team?

Viel Glueck, Herr Matthäus und bis spaeter.

Photo: Kentucky

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