29 October, 2010

Altinha aka Another Reason to Visit Brazil

Thanks to The Original Winger for finding this one.

Is it a sport? Well, more than NASCAR or Bowling. It's the supped up version of that warm-up kick around stuff you've been doing prior to game time. Oh, yeah, and with much hotter women.

(make sure you hit "cc" for the closed caption translation)

Video: Redbull

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  1. This is actually a very welcome sign of progress in Brazil, since only ten years ago, women's soccer was considered a "lesbian" sport in Brazil and it was not acceptable for a lady to play soccer and still be feminine.

    Ten years ago, the top women's soccer player in Brazil (and one of the greatest players on Earth) looked like this:

    Now, well, just watch the video and enjoy.
    If that is the new look of Brazilian women's soccer, this is definitely a good thing as the eyes of the world will be on Brazil in 2014.


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