29 October, 2010

And the Quarterback is Toast!

You may remember one of the great lines from Die Hard in the post title. But unlike the titular line, Jermaine Jones ain't coming back any time soon. On the upside, I think the issue of who to start at CM for the US just resolved itself.

In the waning minutes of the German Deutscher Pokal, Jones picked up a knock that relegated him to a stationary bike for training this week. Further tests revealed ligament damage, including a torn ligament and damage to another.

With the next and probably last match for the USMNT this year being in South Africa on November 17th, Jones has little hope of seeing playing time with the US until Gold Cup qualifying early next year. It also throws into doubt playing time with 16th place Schalke 04 in both UEFA CL play this year and possibly through the winter break in Bundesliga action.

Jermaine, it was nice knowing you, but you pick up more injuries than a Tottenham center back.

Photo: Sactownroyalty

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