31 October, 2010

Can You Find The Mistake?

Okay, now watch that one more time. I count several errors in allowing the goal. One, the Nani flop (yes he had a shirt tug on him, but clearly dives in the box). Second, Nani proceeds to handle the ball. Three, this I'm less sure about, but shouldn't Nani be offsides as the ball was brought forward then placed on the ground whereby he then kicked it from an offsides position? Someone has to check me on that. Four, it's Nani. That should be an error in call by itself, although he did set up the first Man U goal from a freekick earlier.

Any which way you slice it, someone needs to pull the ref out back and have a talking to him after that blunder. Man U though goes on to win 2-0.

Video: ambujakshan

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