13 October, 2010

Colombia v US Friendly Highlights

Guzan in goal, and we actually saw another formation change, with the US lining up in a 4-3-3 . Other looks saw Lichaj and Shea getting playing time and EJ unfortunately seeing the field again. Parkhurst, getting back in the lineup for the first time since 2005, also got on the pitch.

First half was pretty lackluster for the US. There was a disallowed goal for the US, which would have been their first win against a South American team in the last nine matches. Unfortunately, every replay starts when the flag goes up rather than when the ball was kicked. Jozy was a hair offsides when the flag went up, so no word if the ref actually even saw the kick and if he was on originally. Final score, 0-0.

Jones and Lichaj played well, so those were two positives, but we all know that baring a miracle, Jones won't be around for 2014. Some lackluster stuff, and Colombia were using some older players as well, so it didn't look like this was going to be something to really learn from for either team. Enjoy some highlights:



  1. Just got done watching the match on tape, here are my ratings for the US:
    Note - the US started in a 4-2-3-1 just like the Poland game but with Michael Bradley out of position as a playmaker. Brek Shea was left wing even though Galavision said he was a forward, and Stuart Holden was at right wing.

    GK Guzan = 5 Never tested. No mistakes.

    DR Spector = 5 Quite good, good hustle. Managed to hold off all attacks until he had help from Holden.

    DC Onyewu = 6 Never seen Gooch go forward on offense quite so well. Looked fast and strong.

    DC Goodson = 6 Our best player. He was the reason Guzan never was tested by a shot on goal. Worked hard to break up every attack before a shot was attempted

    DL Pearce = 5 Actually pretty good, even though I usually hate him, I think he did OK. Nice long passing out of the back.

    DMC Edu = 4 Not so good. Poor passing, poor ball control, I was disappointed in Edu. He is fighting to keep his starting spot and has to be better

    DMC Jones = 5 Those long passes were really nice, but I wasn't impressed with his defending. Still better than Edu and I think he should be Bradley's defensive midfield partner

    OML Shea = 4 Probably our worst player, but wasn't that bad. Couldn't pass worth a damn, but hustled. Can't defend. Colombia's #18 Zuniga made him look silly.

    OMC Bradley = 5 A good game as playmaker but he is no Landon Donovan. Prefers to play defensively. Not a goal scorer, nor playmaker

    OMR Holden = 6 A mixed bag but crosses were spot on. Hustled back on defense to help out Spector, but doesn't defend all that well.

    F Altidore = 5 Needs to pass better, needs better ball control, but a good game as lone forward in the first half.

    Second half subs:

    DR Lichaj (for Spector) = 6 Tempted to give a 7 for his superb two-way play, I like how he goes forward, but the center backs had to cover for him a bit. Good thing Goodson and Parkhurst were on their game. Should be a starter.

    DC Parkhurst (for Onyewu) = 6 Excellent defending. All of our center backs were outstanding. Parkhurst especially made some nice defensive plays.

    OML Dempsey (for Edu) = 5 Took over as captain for Gooch, played as well as usual, but didn't show anything special. Nice speed on the wing.

    F Johnson (for Shea) = 4 A dog for a dog. Not as bad as I've seen him play, actually hustled a bit, but just isn't very good.

    OMR Feilhaber (for Holden) = 4 Didn't seem to do all that much, and Holden's crosses were conspicuously absent in the second half. Definitely a step down with this substitution

    So there you have it. I want credit for saying two days ago that Coach Bradley would find a way to get Jones, Bradley Jr, and Edu all in the starting lineup. I didn't realize it would mean putting Jr at playmaker, which was a failed experiment, but not as bad as putting Eddie Johnson out there. Why would we play Eddie Johnson when Edson Buddle and Robbie Findley are sitting around in MLS, ready at a moment's notice?

  2. And, oh yeah, this would not have been a win "in South America" since the game was in Philadelphia, but it would have been the first win over a South American opponent in a long time.

  3. Yeah, with a crowd sub 10K, I wasn't paying attention... good call on the ratings though.

  4. Guzan-6. not tested, looked fine and confident. Clean sheet
    Spector-4. lot's of giveaways. ideas are there but gets burned. Always has
    Gooch-6. get into playing form and we look good for Gold Cup
    Goodson-6. I like what I saw and a real threat on headers
    Pearce-5 best I've seen him play in years but not ready for highest level
    Shea-3 looked nervous and out of place. no impact.
    Edu-4 victim of confusing lineup formation. still love him
    Bradley-5. see above. cannot play offensive center mid
    Jones-5, potential is obvious. deploy him like Van Der Vaart/De Jong
    Holden-5 good workrate, has good future, Bolton is perfect for him
    Altidore-5. have patience. needs PT now. Denmark? Scotland?

    Lichaj-7. Reminds me of 'dolo. I really liked what i saw. will start at DR
    Parkhurt-6 Also best I've seen him play. Back in the discussion
    Dempsey-5 nothing special. needs to play out wider
    Johnson-not horrible but poses no attacking threat
    Feilhaber-5 I think need to find a position for him and keep him there


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