04 October, 2010

De Jong, Professional Hack

Miss that Man City game over the weekend? Here, let me break it down for you. Ben Arfa hacked down, PK, Tevez scores, Gutierrez scores, then Johnson scores. Final, 2-1 Man City.

Oh, and did you catch the play on words there? "Let me break it down..." Yeah, De Jong came in with a late follow through to break yet another leg. This time, Ben Arfa is expected to be out for the season. Let's see, that's 3 in the last 7mo alone that De Jong has brutally injured.

On a positive note, Holland has now axed De Jong from Euro qualifiers. Somehow, I don't think the Dutch will be hard up for a replacement mid.


  1. Amazingly, De Jong did NOT get carded for this violent tackle with obvious intent to injure. Seriously. Referee Martin Atkinson really screwed up on this one.

  2. That guy is a total thug, just when Ben Arfa was looking good and playing into a starting role for the Toon. Back to Alan Smith, I guess. This was the dude with the flying leg kick in the final, right?

  3. From

    Following the challenge on Hatem Ben Arfa that left the Newcastle player with a broken leg on Sunday, Dutch coach Bert Van Marwijk has pulled Manchester City midfielder Nigel De Jong out of his latest squad.

    Van Marwjik said:

    "I've seen it (the tackle) on TV. It was a wild and unnecessary challenge. I don't think he did it on purpose, but he goes in way too hard in this challenge.

    "That's a pity, because he doesn't need tackles like this. The strange thing is that the referee doesn't give a card. Apparently there are other standards over there.

    "I have a problem with the way Nigel unnecessarily searches for the limit....I just told the players- I told them that I saw no other option. In the future I will agree with Nigel to talk. Now I want the staff and the players to concentrate on the next two important qualifiers."

    Sunday's incident was the third to involve De Jong in 2010, following a tackle during the Netherlands v USA match in March that resulted in a fractured leg for Bolton midfielder Stuart Holden.

    Then came his high-profile kung fu kick into the chest of Spain's Xabi Alonso during the World Cup Final, which Howard Webb deemed a yellow card offence.

    my note: Dude, this is from his own coach! What a hack.


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