19 October, 2010

De La Torre is Your Next Ex-Mexico Coach

You catch that joke there? Mexico just can't seem to hang on to coaches. Whether they chase them out of town with pitchforks or just outright make them go crying home to their mommies (we're looking at you Sven Goran).

"Chepo" had a modest career spanning 16 years of club ball in Mexico's Primera Division and made 28 appearances for the National side before going into coaching. Coaching may be for him. He's won the Championship with Chivas in his first year of coaching (2006) before moving on to Toluca where he won it again.

That said, he doesn't take over until January on a contract that runs through WC2014. "We welcome Jose Manuel De La Torre, who was unanimously elected with the unconditional support of all first division teams," said President of the Mexican Football Federation Justino Compean.

See, now the funny part in the quote from Compean is that rarely does a coach last long in Mexican club ball (going through 5 coaches in a season isn't unheard of). Mexico's El Tri have had 8 coaches in the past 10 years (if you count interim and re-signing of some coaches like Aguirre). If he actually makes it to 2014, we'll be impressed, but he's got good pedigree.

He's also got discipline problems to deal with as several players were recently banned from the team over partying with women (and a man-ish kind of woman). Just how they start off in the new year could make or break him as a coach.


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