10 October, 2010

Euro 2012 Qualifier: Montenegro v Switzerland

I know what you are thinking, "why is he even bothering with a highlight of this game?" Well, I'll tell you, first, Montenegro upset the Swiss Miss 1-0, but it wasn't so much the goal, which was nice, but the celebration. Is this guy for real? Are they really this lacking in creativity and ingenuity when it comes to goal celebrations? Seriously, someone please bring back the digital crawl...



  1. If removing your jersey is an automatic yellow card, shouldn't removing your pants be an automatic night in jail after the game?

  2. LOL. Nice plug on the Digital crawl reference! Did you see him at that soccer event recently?

  3. Not yet. Should be in two weeks. The guy coaches a few Milwaukee youth teams and is their club's tech director.

    We once played at the same tourney and I wanted my team to celebrate by doing the digital crawl, but of course we lost 1-0 when he was on the nearby field.


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