10 October, 2010

Trophy Manager's 1st Annual TSI Cup

For those of you unaware, several of our contributors have been dabbling on Trophy Manager this season. It is an online fantasy soccer game where you manage and run a club in everyday operations and games to build your team into the powerhouse you wish your favorite club always could be. The general idea is that as a soccer/footie fan, you know enough to be able to do what real world owners do with other people's money (and most likely, you'd do it better). It is free, although they do offer a premium version with a few added features if you are so inclined. It's fun, it's addicting, and it's led us to create our first ever TSI Cup within that game.

The inaugural TSI Cup was a resounding success. Within 6 hours, we had 7 teams enter and another 2 on a waiting list. The teams were limited to Div 4, 5 and 6 so as not to make the games completely lopsided for the competitors. It was a round robin format; everyone played everyone once. Winner take all.

As you can see from the result table below, TSI was a little less than overpowering in its first season and first cup. That said, our own Godfather managed to win with several fortuitous results and a beginning team of a handful of good players in key positions.

NoTeam Name
1 Honolulu Toon Army (C) 7 4 3 0 187 15
2 sddafc 7 3 3 1 108 12
3 demonriders 7 2 5 0 117 11
4 Brasifs 7 2 4 1 86 10
5 Indy Force United 7 1 5 1 87 8
6 ND All-Stars 7 1 3 3 512 6
7 The Soccer 7 1 2 4 1016 5
8 Knife Island FC 7 0 3 4 18 3

As the Godfather is a contributing member, we're obliged to promote sddafc and their manager Jhon Hammon as runners-up and honorary TSI Cup holders. Sddafc came on strong late in the tourney winning 3 of its last 4 matches and needed a big win against Honolulu Toon Army it the final round match-up to have a chance of winning the Cup outright. Instead, they had to settle on a heartbreaking 2-2 draw. Sddafc had to play the last 35 minutes down a man after a 2nd yellow saw RM Sean Whitgift sent off. It wasn't until the 75' that Honolulu pulled even with a late gasp. Sddafc dominated the match on the stats, but walked away with a draw and 2nd place.

We will be returning next season for the 2nd TSI Cup and hopefully open it up to two brackets with the same limitations (perhaps even some foreign invites).

Top Three Goal Scorers (min 4 games played):
H. Ramirezdemonriders75.715050
C. OnionsHonolulu Toon Army55.005050
D. CoatesThe Soccer Insiders.com76.144371

Top Three Assist Leaders (min 4 games played):
C. TaylorHonolulu Toon Army67.673471
P. Tracydemonriders76.860330
D. CoatesThe Soccer Insiders.com76.144371

Top Three Man of the Match Winners (min 4 games played):
S. Kopačkademonriders47.500222
O. Van RompaeyBrasifs67.170002
M. RazaviKnife Island FC77.140002

We also wanted to take the time to thank all the participants. We had teams from Hawaii to North Carolina and a lot of places in between. Not too shabby.

Feel free to check back around January for the results of the 2nd TSI Cup, or let us know you've joined Trophy Manager, and when the 2nd TSI Cup sends out invites, we'll add your team to the 1st choice list.

Photo: TSI


  1. Yes Luke, I am . . . the Godfather. Bear in mind my top player Welty was injured by those evil sddafc thugs and half the team out with prior injuries, including "There's only one" C. Onions . . . reminds me of De Jong vs Ben Arfa assaulting the MF for my great namesame on Tyneside. Anyways, it bears to mention that we have no official affiliation with TM, but as a rookie lemme tell you that it is super addicting and so much fun. It was a great tournament and, on the behalf of the Toon Army and TSI, I am really looking forward to the next TSI Cup. Aloha and good luck to all!

  2. And also hope that I have motivated the almighty Newcastle United Football Club in their quest for glory! Let's go Toon!


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