23 October, 2010

Greed, Meet Corruption

It's been a long week. Two Ex-Co officials have been recorded talking terms of bribes to be paid, in cash, to them in exchange for their support in the WC 2022 bid. The same two said officials have since been "suspended", which actually means they don't get to meet with the other FIFA bribe takers for tea, crumpets or wipe their faces cash napkins afterwards for a whole 30 days. Travesty, I know. And now word is floating that the Spain/Portugal WC 2018 bid and Qatar's 2022 bid are in collusion?

Seriously? What is this world coming to when FIFA officials are corrupt and take money any way they can? Oh, yeah. I forgot.

To break it down, here's some of the video of the approach made by two fake US business consortium reps:

So is anything going to be done? Probably. The usual slap on the wrist like Jack Warner receives is one thing. I mean, come on, he's one of Blatter's most trusted stooges (and conveniently now a government official in T&T), and if he goes down, chances are he'll take Blatter with him and Blatter can't have that.

No, these two (Adamu and Temarii) are going to be thrown under the bus as they are relatively new to the board. Heck, Adamu only just recently replaced a former CAF Ex co member he got the boot for selling his WC tickets at thousands of dollars over face value (12 tickets in total too), so the "investigation" will be over and done before you know it.

Suggestions are that there shouldn't be a bidding of two World Cups at the same time, and those suggestions are probably correct. It would prevent block vote trading like is being suggested in the Iberia Peninsula/Qatar bid trade rumor, but that would also mean Blatter would have to live to 100 if he was going to keep collecting bribes, and we all know he's too greedy and just wants it now before he either a) retires in the next 10yrs b) dies a happy fat man who still thinks he's going to win a Nobel Peace prize or c) gets caught with his own hand in the bribery cookie jar. And if you've ever been in one of my history classes, you'll know that the answer is always "c"...

Video: Agaahi

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