13 October, 2010

The Loudest and Quietest Sound You Ever Heard

...just happened earlier today.

If you are Satan, or one of the Hicks/Gillett household, you can't be happy with the HMRC decision to prevent you from actually selling a team you put into debt and which you have no intentions of paying for. Awww...

Conversely, if you are anyone else (and even I the Spurs fan am happy with the decision cause these guys are idiots), your yell of joy was drowned out as it was joined by many others.

The short is that the Kop board needs to be "reconstituted" or basically brought back together after Hicks/Gillett dissolved them, and a decision needs to be made as to take the NESV offer of about 300mil pounds or to take the suddenly resurfaced Singapore businessman Lim's improved offer of 320mil pounds cash. The decision has to be made by Friday or the holding company in charge of Liverpool will go into administration and the team will be docked 9pts in the standings.

Photo: Mtpundit
Video: ITNSportsNews

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