22 October, 2010

Much Ado About Nothing

So, we see Rooney squat a big fat 0 in South Africa only to return to England and notch a single goal for Euro qualifying and for Man U respectively. When you are outscored by the likes of Nani and Berbatov, heck even Micheal "I'm always injured" Owen has a better strike rate at 1 in 4 appearances, you know something's up.

Follow the poor display on the field by the even poorer one off (women, injury, arguing with the skipper) and you just have the makings of someone on the transfer list.


Rooney did an about face in the wee hours of the morning (here in the States) and re-upped with Man U through 2015. This is still good for Man U, although the muck raking, as little as there was to rake, did give all the Red Devil haters something to talk about. Not really a surprise, as him moving across town to City wasn't going to happen, and no one was really stepping up to buy a guy that seemed to drop off considerably in the last few months.

He'll be back to form soon enough, but word that a hamstring issue has also surfaced with news out of Manchester that he's out 3 weeks seems more along the lines of "here's a contract, now sort out your other business and come back when your head is clear".

Photo: SkySports

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