04 October, 2010

Nigeria Ban Back On

The NFF and Nigeria's government have had an on/off relationship recently. After recently deciding that getting banned for 2 yrs wasn't in the best interest of soccer, Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan (you can't make these names up in Nigeria), decided to recind the recent self-imposed ban and instead investigate several NFF officers.

The results? Seems like they were embezzling ~$6mil dollars from the 2006 WC for such things as paying for nearly 200 people to attend South Africa when only ~20 officers did.

That's a whole lot of interns/mistresses/etc.

So, now the ban is back on until such time as Nigeria returns all such people to power. I can understand some need for control but when FIFA wants to keep the graft going for their own purposes, well... Hurrah corruption!


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