10 October, 2010

Poland v US Friendly Highlights

Good attacking game at Soldier Field in Chicago. The US got a good look at Jermaine Jones and took the lead twice in the match, but it wasn't enough. Poland and the US draw 2-2. Goals by Altidore and Onyewu (who scored on a corner header, as usual) led the US.

Holden had a relatively hot and cold game. His corners were crisp and led to the Onyewu goal, but sloppy passing out of the midfield in our defensive third saw him give away the ball too many times.

Video: youtubyt/ussoccer

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  1. My first look, since I don't have FSC.

    There's Mo Edu, playing out of position as a center back to see if we can get him and Jermaine Jones on the field at the same time. Interesting experiment, but it failed.

    Jozy lays off a nice pass to Dempsey - did Jozy finally learn how to pass?

    SWEET long ball from Jones to Altidore. Put Jones in the starting lineup and keep him there!

    Let's count the errors on Poland's first goal: Bradley brutally fouls (no call), Holden completely fails to send his clearance out of his own box, Gooch gets a head on it and heads it right to a Poland player, who taps it back to his buddy, who puts it in the goal. Hard to figure out who to blame for that one. Probably Holden for kicking the clearance straight up instead of, you know, away from the goal.

    So, why is Cherundolo playing the whole game when Spector is sitting on the bench? I love 'dolo but he isn't going to be around in 2014. Isn't the purpose of a friendly to evaluate new young players?

    Next goal: nice to have you back, Gooch! I think we can all agree that Holden is our free kick/corner kick taker whenever Landon isn't.

    What's up with the YouTube vid cutting out before Poland ties it with a second goal and then clears a USA shot off the goal line in the 90th minute? And I had also heard Tim Howard saved what should have been a Poland goal early in the game, where was it?

    Anyway, I don't think the Edu at center back experiment worked, so why didn't Goodson or even Parkhurst come on as a second half sub? Those are the guys who need the game experience in these friendlies!


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