02 October, 2010

Rename A 5th Div Bundesliga Stadium

Not to be outdone by The Spoiler's fans, we here at The Soccer Insiders implore you to drop about 20 Euros in a lottery to rename SC Westfalia 04's 32,000 seat stadium in Herne, Germany (right near Gelsenkirchen and north of Cologne).

You can read more about the club, here.

As a quick walk through for those of you who don't speak German:

Name= Last Name
Vor Name= First Name (first name is the literal translation here)
Strasse + Nr= Street Address
Platz + Ort= City, State (cause you aren't from around there) and Zip (and it might help to include the country)
Email= Obvious
Telefon= Yup, still obvious there
Anzahl Lose zu je 20 Euro= Number of entries (@ 20Euro a pop)

Personally, I'm thinking TSI Stadium has a nice ring to it.

Photo: SC Westfalia 04

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