27 October, 2010

Russia Cries And Runs Home to Mommy

FIFA has rules in place to prevent slander being lobbed at countries bidding for the same tournament. So, when Russia and their rep Alexy Sorokin, merely "pointed out" that England had a high crime rate, heavy underage drinking and was known for racial taunting, he forgot to mention that Russia was even more renowned for such actions:

What was funny is that now Sorokin claims that the media is misquoting him and calls the subsequent English complaint filed with FIFA as "primitive". This coming from a man who describes the waving of bananas at African players in Russia during games as not being racist.

Ironically, it was Sorokin that whined that the FA never sent an apology over the Lord Triesman complaint that Spain and Russia were in collusion... And we don't see anyone apologizing to Lord Triesman now that more evidence to back up his allegations have come out either.

We're thinking the arguments are pretty petty, but considering how many separate media sources are reporting what Sorokin said, it's hard to believe him or the fact that he's not trying to influence anyone with his comments.

Video: Anthonytheangelfan

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