07 October, 2010

Sod Off, Hicks and Gillett and Another Reason to Hate Liverpool

Some Liverpudians and Director Mike Jeffries put together a viral ad online restating that they want Hicks and Gillett to Go Walk Alone. Preferably, off a short pier. In shark infested waters.

Having enlisted several big names in support of his efforts, such as Samuel L "Mother ______" Jackson, Jefferies, like many fans, and not even just Liverpool fans, is tired of people buying into clubs just as a show of wealth without taking into account the feelings of fans.

First, Liverpool fans were lied to by then owner, David Moores, saying that he would never sell the club to Hicks and Gillett. Then after financing their purchase by shifting debt onto the club, the dynamic duo grossly overprice the club to turn a quick profit. Now...

Word is circulating that the Red Sox and New England Sports Ventures are purchasing the club for an undisclosed fee. While the Red Sox may be looking to capitalize on the ads by Liverpool fans in that they both want the Yanks to die (see the entendre there?), the upside is that the Red Sox have a good recent track record of spending money and getting results. Whether they can do that with Liverpool, remains to be seen.

Yet, there is irony in all of this. Hicks is poised to make legal claims that the proposed sale is unlawful... Does the guy have a death wish and a desire to lose even more money?

Photo: The Telegraph

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