14 October, 2010


Looks like Hicks found some schmuck lawyer in Texas to issue a temporary restraining order to prevent the sale of Liverpool. Hicks and Gillett are describing the deal they "received" as "an epic swindle" and are planning on suing for $1.6billion. You read that right. They claim they were apparently swindled into thinking they could make gobs of cash and sell at a more than 3 times profit. Wha wha wha?

Not quite sure of the legalities here, but as Hicks and Gillett have their "headquaters" in the States, despite everything involved with Liverpool being in, well, Liverpool, the ruling is being followed until such time as the HMRC (Her Majesty's Royal Courts), Liverpool and NESV can get this petty injunction thrown out.

Seriously, these guys doesn't know when to quit. And are supremely greedy to boot. If I remember right, the $1.6bil is actually a little more than they demanded for the club, and nearly $1.1 billion more than they debt they owe (or even brought to the club)...

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