20 October, 2010

Your Club's Supporters Aren't ***t

Yeah, couldn't think of another title cause I'm lazy at the moment (ie- see pic to right). What is cool is that a fan has made every away game this season (including the one to Tromso way the heck up north in Norway during the Icelandic volcano fiasco). In this case, the trip wasn't as far, but he was the only Sandefjord fan in the away section and had all three security types for that section by him (who else were they going to possibly protect?). By the way, how many of you would do what this guy has done? Personally, my wife would leave my nuts in a jar up on the mantel for the rest of the season.

Now the resulting event is something you don't usually see. Following the Tippeligaen game (Norwegian 1st div), the Sandefjord players all went over to thank their fan for attending. Sad to see a 1st div team only have one fan in attendance, but that's cool as hell to see the team make the effort to thank them as he made more than an effort to support them.

I'm thinking they should name one of their home bleachers after this guy or at least pay for his room/board for the next season on away matches. Of note is the fact that the team has subsequently invited him to the end of the season team party. Hope he's not the only one who shows (cue trombone wah wah)...

Photo: Tom Scott ,AP

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