07 November, 2010

FIFA Corruption Investigation Harms FA Bid for 2018 World Cup?

While I'm not quite sure how this has made the news, the fact that I'm not surprised that this is being floated and somewhat accepted is a sad moral result of FIFA and their corruption.

The general idea is this, two FIFA Bid Selection members were singled out by a UK tabloid and caught on tape talking up being bribed to help the US get the 2022 Bid. So, no the US wasn't really involved, and no, the FA wasn't involved in this either, rather two FIFA members (one from Tahiti-OFC, and the other Nigeria-AFC). Are you still with me here?

Okay, so in the wake of Lord Triesman (former FA head) getting bounced from his position with the FA because he bragged to a woman he was having an affair with that Spain and Russia were colluding to get the World Cup, and in the wake of a current FIFA executive who has just recently admitted that he tried to bribe England to give South Africa the World Cup in 2006 by offering Nelson Mandela and his support, Yahoo claims their sources with FIFA are saying that the England 2018 bid is apparently now in trouble because of the sting on the two FIFA execs.

Say what?!

It is no surprise to anyone that FIFA is corrupt (ie- see Jack Warner, Sepp Blatter, et al). But to hear that in the wake of FIFA's own "investigation" into it's corrupt executives (who'll probably get thrown under the bus since they haven't been around long enough to give Sepp a lot of money or votes) that FIFA is upset with the FA over not being able to control it's own country's media is kind of outlandish. BUT, it's not completely far fetched. It is interesting that the investigation into bribery and corruption is what is prompting the FIFA source to say that the FA won't get bid. I mean, it was just 1-2 years ago that the FA came out to the public and said that two members of the FIFA bid committee came to the FA board and said the World Cup was theirs if they paid a certain amount to several members.

Also, FIFA is the same entity that has changed the rules of WC bidding several times in the last 10 years and has even taken steps to new hold two bids at the same time for no reason but to increase their wallet size.

Someone at FIFA is really trying hard to make sure England doesn't get this World Cup. Whether this rumor comes to fruition or not, we'll see in just over a month, but don't be surprised if we hear about a joint bid from the Iberian peninsula winning the 2018 bid and Qatar (with a chance for Russia in Qatar's place if they can't solve the whole "no alcohol in an Islamic country" thing) for 2022.

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