19 November, 2010

FIFA Reprimands Two in Collusion Probe

Looks like all that blustery talk about "being sure of being cleared" was just a lot of talk, or FIFA needed a scapegoat and these two new Ex-Co members were the perfect ones. Either way, FIFA suspends Nigeria's Adamu for 3 years and Oceana's Temarii for 1 year, fines both, and prevents either from voting in the WC selection next month on the 2nd.

While this isn't a big surprise, it does strike a sour not for the AFC going into the stretch for bidding. They have Qatar, Australia, Japan and Korea all bidding and the loss of a "home-town" selector doesn't help matters.

What should be noted is that FIFA is trying to keep the veneer of house cleaning, when everyone knows some of the biggest bribe takers, Jack Warner and Sepp Blatter himself, are still in power. Regardless, the bookmakers are still favoring Russia for 2018, so consider the fix in.

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