19 November, 2010

Freddy Should Bid Adu

It's been a long while since we mentioned the Little One. I guess no news, in this case, is bad news, so we did some cursory digging.

No one wants the kid.

After his failed trial with Sion in Europe, Freddy returned, tail between his legs to his two year loan with Aris. He's technically still owned by Benfica, but they refused to cut his loan deal short with Greek club Aris when they announced they didn't have plans for him.

So where does that leave him?


His Twitter is nothing but his usual gibberish of poor grammar and asking other people's opinions on books to read (for all we know, the kid practically has an MBA) but no training news. A search of Aris' site produces his name, but he's in none of the three 1st team pictures, and his stats?

Well, with Aris languishing mid table through the first few weeks of the 2010-11 season, Freddy has yet to make an appearance. Even from the bench.

This kid has fallen faster than EJ, and apparently, much harder.

For now, he's collecting checks from a team that doesn't want him, and owned by another than still doesn't want him, but refuses to just cut him loose.

Hopefully, when the kid wakes up and realizes he's career has become less than a punchline in a bad soccer joke, he'll be willing to move back to the States and try to revive what little is left. He's already out of the 2 year statue that would force him back to his previous MLS team Real Salt Lake, so he could start fresh with a different team, maybe even a Canadian one.

Hey, a move back to the MLS did wonders for Landon, wouldn't you say?

As an update, the AP is reporting that a few days ago, Adu turned up at FC Randers "to keep in shape" and was not trying out for the Danish club. One would expect this to mean that he's trying to catch on somewhere in a more prominent European country while still under contract with Benfica. Presumably, it can be said that his lack of defending talent and stature are the main detractors for a club to sign him rather than Benfica's proposed costs of maintaining his contract.

Photo: MLS and TSI

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