08 November, 2010

Goal of the Week

We have some good choices for you this week. Great weekend for games and goals.

Torres' second goal against Chelsea over the weekend was sweet. Where has he been?:

Cause I'm lazy, there are actually 2 in this clip. The first at ~3:15 is Alan Hutton's goal to get Spurs back in it against Bolton over the weekend. The second is Pavlyechenko's superb volley at ~3:25. Both caused the announcers to say they were the goals of the weekend, only to recant and then reissue the compliment:

Of course, not sure exactly when this one happened, but I swear the guy is next in line for a Moroccan club with this penalty stop celebration:

Eduardo coming back to score the nail in the coffin goal against crap defending and his former team Arsenal in UEFA Cup action (~3:20 mark):

Video: gongto , todayfoot21 , , giniruslan

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