11 November, 2010

Ian Halloway Tries to Pull a 'Arry Out of His Hat

Following the 3-2 loss by Blackpool to Aston Villa, the press questioned Ian over his choice to change his lineup from the 2-2 draw with Everton over the weekend. Sure, a loss will make anyone question the skipper, but when they change 10 of the 11 players?

Now typically, you'd hear complaints and possible fines when a team plays a cup match, or even has an upcoming cup match, so as to rest their important players, but perhaps the media hasn't seen the Blackpool squad lately. You know the one, the same one that was 5 players short of a complete roster with 2 weeks to go before the start of the season?

Anyone that saw this squad on paper coming into the season thought they had no chance anyways, and were going to be blown out of every game. Fast forward to Wednesday and you see a team in 14th place, 3 points out of a place in Europe, just 12 games into the season. If we were bettors here at TSI, the odds on that would have already been through the roof, so the fact that a manager wants to play in some fringe players and holds AV (who sit above them in the tables now) to a 2-2 game until the final minute of regulation, well, I'd doubt that the FA could fine Ian for that. If they did, I think perhaps they ought to fine AV for playing like crap then against the 2nd team, don't you think?

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