10 November, 2010

Italy v USA Match November 27th

So what's the catch? Cause there is always a catch.

Well, there are several. One, it's a must win for the US. If they are to qualify for the World Cup 2011 in Germany, having lost 1-0 to Mexico, they have to defeat the 5th place team in qualifying for Europe. Oh, did I mention it's in Chicago in winter? WTF?! Not sure why this decision was made but we must be actually trying for something close to a homefield advantage and pray that the Italians don't like cold weather.

And the third catch? USWNT. That said, this is the same team that has been the closest thing the US has had to a Olymipic style Dream Team ever, and it's in female form.

They would like your support, so make sure you pick up some seriously warm clothes and pray that Ticketmaster actually gets the code right to show the tickets on sale (unlike the twice broken link they sent me for pre-order) and get yourself to Chicago around Thanksgiving.

Game on.

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