11 November, 2010

Joey Barton, Model Citizen

So what do you do to a player that does some unwarranted brushing up to you during a match, not that it even looked like he was walking towards Barton, but rather Barton was looking to be bumped? Well, you forearm shiver them to the chest, and then claim to the ref that you merely tapped him.

Mr. Barton has received a 3 game ban for his actions and later said "he was sorry". Can't think a guy who's been jailed and fined numerous fines for violent conduct means "sorry".

Video: thestudentroomuk

1 comment:

  1. Congratulations, Joey Barton, you have increased your lead over all challengers as the dirtiest player in the EPL. It looked from the video of the video that Barton ran into Pedersen first, and not the other way around, then punched him for good measure. On a completely unrelated note, is this the level we need to sink to in order to get EPL highlights on YouTube, some kid holding a camcorder up to his TV? Because every time we look for EPL highlights we get the "copyrighted" message, so maybe this is a possibility to get around that.


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