22 November, 2010

Just Because It's Funny to Say

So I'm reading a post on Freddy Adu. I know, this guy is getting more attention here than Charlize Theron in a bathrobe at the moment, but this is just too funny.

Straight off the wires where he is now in Denmark to trial, oops, I mean, "stay in shape", now comes a list of how much it costs for someone to twitter about you on their page.

Sure, occasionally, you check out Twitter and see what you favorite athlete is up to, but word is that all those times you see them hype a website, they are actually charging someone to talk about it in front of a captive audience.

So, just how expensive is it to have someone Twitter your site? Maurice Edu charges ~$1750. Lindsey Lohan's poor ass charges nearly $3000. And Freddy Adu? "Call".

Yeah, all over that one. You may have ~380K twitter followers, but they aren't following you because they think you are a great athlete. They are rubber-neckers. You know, people that like to observe a car accident and see how bloody it is.

Well, Freddy, you are that car accident so I'd look at dropping that "Call" and just put up something like "have moral character, refuse to pimp something I don't believe is a quality product." Oh, right, I forgot, that would mean you couldn't talk about yourself. Maybe that's why you listed the "cost per tweet" article on your own twitter.

Good luck in the Great White North that is Denmark. I hope you finally become more than the punch line of every under-producing soccer joke out there one day. Really.

Photo: Twitter/technorati

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