06 November, 2010

Oh Really?

Current FIFA WC Bid inspector (one of several inspectors) and Exec on the South Africa bid for the 2010 World Cup Danny Jordaan has now admitted that he attempted to bribe England's FA to withdraw from the 2006 WC bid that eventually went to Germany by offering Nelson Mandela's support for a 2010 England bid. Now, Jordaan, claims that this can't happen any more because of "lucrative deals with corporate sponsors that would prevent a late withdrawal".

Funny. I could swear that we saw England and the US both just pull out of the 2022 and 2018 bid respectively and there is only about a month till the bid is selected...

With bribery commonplace in FIFA and now being talked about openly by a FIFA member with no suggestion of punishment, I think the public outcry should be reaching new levels and a cleaning of house is in order. Will it happen? No. Too many hands in the pockets of each other. Sad and true.

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