03 November, 2010

Twellman Retires

A press conference has been scheduled later today for the expected retirement of Taylor Twellman. Only the 6th player to score 100 goals in MLS history with Landycakes being the most recent addition(bonus if you can name the other 4 - answer at the end), Twellman had numerous concussions that eventually led to his being forced into retirement.

Many may remember his efforts to push for a transfer overseas with several English teams reportedly interested a few years back, but the strong arm tactics resulted in nothing and eventually Twellman resigned with MLS. He also failed to live up to expectations with the USMNT despite a hat-trick against Norway, scoring a total of 6 times in 29 appearances (caps) for the USMNT.

Enjoy some highlights of his playing time:

By the way, the other 5 in the 100+ goals for MLS: Jaime Moreno, Jeff Cunningham, Ante Razov, Jason Kreis, and Landycakes.

Video: Teamryan15

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  1. Sadly, chronic injuries ruined Twellman's career before it reached potential. I remember him as the best high schooler in the USA when he was at St Louis University High School.

    When you announced the trivia question about 100 goals in MLS history, the first name that popped into my head was the first guy who reached the milestone, Jason Kreis, who arguably was the weakest player of the bunch.


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