17 November, 2010

Wednesday Fun Day

A whole mess of International Friendlies to take a look at today (especially if you have an internet feed of the match). Some of the more interesting ones:

Denmark vs Czech Rep. 14:15EST

Switzerland vs Ukraine 14:15EST

Austria vs Greece 14:30EST

Russia vs Belgium 11:00EST

Netherlands vs Turkey 14:30EST

South Africa vs USA 14:30EST ESPN2 and ESPN3

Chile vs Uruguay 16:45EST
(this'll give you an idea of what to expect Jan 22. when they play the US)

So which one are you looking forward to? While we'll be watching a rather meaningless match on ESPN2 (we hopefully will see some future USMNT prospects play more than 10mins), I'm going to be looking for that Netherlands/Turkey feed online and stick around to watch the Chile vs Uruguay matchup.

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  1. Already set the VCR (yes, I am like a caveman, I still use a VCR) to tape USA-South Africa.

    Interesting previews of the game online, pointing out that Jonathan Bornstein is the most experienced USA player with 35 caps, and Brad Guzan is the only other player who was on the roster in 2007 last time we played the Nelson Mandela Challenge. Everyone else is new to the team. There are no players over 30.

    And FYI, the USA won that match on November 17, 2007, 1-0 on a goal by Steve Cherundolo.


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