17 November, 2010

World Cup Bid Evaluation Reports Are Out

And your choices didn't do so hot. So here's the breakdown:

The only dual WC bids are by two co-host countries, Spain/Portugal and Holland/Belgium. Every other country has an either 2018 WC or 2022 WC approach.

December 2nd 2010 is the declaration date of the winners of the bribe contest, I mean, of the WC bidding process.

The total reports can be read here, thanks to MatchfitUSA for the work put in formatting all of this.

One thing not on there, perhaps overlooked, is the commentary on the Russia bid:
If Russia is awarded the hosting rights, FIFA’s legal risk appears to be low. The requirements for contractual documents have been met, and the necessary government support has been secured and is confi rmed by the Government Legal Statement. Furthermore, the Russian Government has been given the chance to gain experience in supporting the hosting and staging of a major sports events and to show its willingness to make material concessions and accommodate the concerns of event organisers.
Pair that with the fact that Russia's bid requires them to build 13 fresh new stadiums in a country that has trouble filling same said stadiums for club matches, and it doesn't really make sense for them to get the bid. Of note is the fact that the Ukraine and Poland also had similar claims to being able to handle said construction and infrastructure for the Euro 2012 bid and were hard pressed to meet them and still have not quite finished any infrastructure improvements in roadways or rail. Additionally, the Russian infrastructure is not up to par with any of the other bidding countries to date, covers a greater area (because of the inclusion of Yakaterinburg for some reason), and has 3 host cities within hours of the Georgia border where they have had frequent terrorism and a recent short lived war to boot.

Now, someone will read this and say, "well, it's FIFA's legal risk, not FIFA's threat risk". And they are right. But isn't it a legal risk if you willingly select a country that you know will locate games in an area at risk to fans and participants? *cough cough AFC and Angola cough*... I digress.

Qatar's bid relies solely on one major airport as the gateway for all transportation in and out of the country... hmmm and their bid seems to be a little light on what they claim costs to build will be as almost every stadium needs to be built from scratch and later be torn down to be "given" to developing nations.

The US has transportation issues over long distance (other than air, because are you really riding Amtrak now a days?), but so does Australia. FIFA also says we haven't guaranteed their intellectual properties, but as a country that loves to sue people over theft of that, I can't believe this is an argument by FIFA. My other issue, not with FIFA on this, is the lack of a good midwest town in our bid. WTF? No Chicago, your own USSF headquarters? Not sure what is going on there, although, host cities have been known to change in the past.

Most of Australia's games would be located in the heavily populated SE of the country, but, Perth is still in (on the other side of the country) and somehow a few major towns in between are listed as "local" non-host cities.

Based on the wording, and paired with our earlier predictions, Russia gets 2018, Qatar 2022. We base these predictions solely on the fact that Blatter is corrupt, Russia has mafia money to throw around, and Qatar would be the first Middle Eastern country to host a WC which plays into Blatter's efforts to somehow earn a Nobel.

Feel free to argue otherwise, but the odds right now for the 2018 bid host on Paddy Power are:
Russia 10/11
England 5/4
Spain/Portugal 6/1
Belgium/Holland 33/1

Just saying.

Photo: FIFA

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