12 December, 2010

EPL: Blackburn v Bolton Highlights

Damn son. Want to know how to score a breath stealing goal from kickoff? Ask Holden. Bolton, already down to 10 men, scores a goal not 15secs after Blackburn pulls level in the waning minutes. And it was a pretty one at that.

Video: liverpool1992

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  1. Stuart Holden completely unmarked on the winning goal. Runs from the midfield and NO ONE picks him up. That's how I scored my one and only goal in 3 seasons of men's 3rd Division amateur soccer, made a run from midfield, right wing just like Holden. No one picked me up, and, as my teammate was fond of saying, "If they don't respect you, make them pay" - if you don't respect Stuart Holden and the USA by marking up, he WILL make you pay. So will Clint Dempsey.

    Jozy Altidore, not so much.


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