05 December, 2010


Wow... It's been a tough last few days on me. Sure, I called both bids correctly, but this is one time I don't like being right.

And then comes an article by the Independent. And another subsequent one in the WSJ, and yet another with the Guardian. FIFA members colluded, and so the stuff starts to hit the fan.

Granted, England got only two votes and got eliminated in the first round, so you expect a few of their papers to be all sour grapes, but the Independent isn't that biased, and the WSJ? This isn't good.

Since then, Fat Santa, I mean, Chuck Blazer has come out to deny the allegations against him. MP Jack Warner, as per usual, refuses to take calls from a "clearly biased white media".

So what happened that we didn't know about? Well, the two votes for England are obviously, England, and supposedly the other vote was by the Cameroon rep, the same one indited by the BBC. Whether this was to make it appear he was unbiased, or perhaps innocent, we'll be left to only guess.

Where was the 3 votes that Jack Warner promised England? I seem to remember the T&T game which Jack Warner received a personal check for, from England, and to which England was told "to make sure Beckham played or attended" in the last year. If this isn't openly trying to garner votes, then Jack has been going about it the wrong way. And, secondly, why was Jack the one who was going to "guarantee" 3 votes for England? Does he vote for Guatemala and the US? Um, to quote a local radio show fixed game, "the answer is always yes".

England got kicked in the nuts and have now declared that they will refuse to ever bid again for the WC until FIFA changes the voting process. FIFA's response? Most likely lost amongst all the laughing and money counting because, according to former ExCo member Fusimalohi, "England don't strike deals. It's sad but it's true." Fusimalohi explained: "It is corrupt – but only if you get caught."

Speaking of bribes, I'm not one to hold a grudge against Qatar, they were playing the system. What I am against is the blatancy of which FIFA did it. Suddenly, Argentina votes Qatar's way after "soliciting" a $75 mil bailout of their floundering league. And rumors have it that to make sure he isn't pegged as "corrupt", Blatter votes the US for 2022. Too bad, neither Jack Warner or Chuck Blazer did. That's right, your own CONCACAF members didn't vote for you. How else would you explain Korea surviving until late in the voting and the US only edging them out by 1 vote in a runoff?

How did Russia and Qatar, the two highest risk countries get the bids? Qatar got it despite health risks to players in the heat (and subsequently the FIFA Medical Advisor refused to comment about the heat and player health prior to the voting). How is Korea even getting that far in the voting after having just recently had the WC 2002 with Japan? You suppose that they would win on some strange chance that this "would unify both Koreas?" Sorry, had to laugh and walk away for several minutes on that thought.

So what happens now?

Well, if you are in Thailand and looking forward to that friendly against England coming up next year, sorry. It's off. It was only there to get the Thai vote anyways, and since your rep Makoudi didn't give it, why should you get a payday?

There is a claim by the Independet that England and the US are going "to rebel" against FIFA. Now, I'm not sure what kind of "rebelling" they can do as any player who plays for a non FIFA sanctioned league can never play in a World Cup ever and I'm pretty sure that applies to refs calling matches for said scab games, and that pretty much writes us out of the picture. I'm not sure we were going to win it all in the coming few years anyways. England is a bit less likely to jump this ship with a lot more footballing history at stake.

And who are we going to get to lead this rebellion? Chuck "Fat Santa" Blazer? Come on. Warner? Not unless he loses his bid to rule the world, and that'd be a step down for his greedy ambitions, let alone he would be just as corrupt as FIFA itself. No, some message needs to be sent to FIFA. Countries pulling out might do something, but unless it was some of the big ones, en mass and who formed a rival league of some sort, it's not going to happen. Didn't work for the XFL and you don't see many people running around with AFC/NFC shirts or NL/AL stuff. No, you just see their conjoined efforts of NFL and MLB when one bought out the competition.

With half the FIFA Ex-Co members sitting on the IOC and in other various government positions, this reeks of conflict of interest. But we wouldn't stand for that here, right Sunil and Garber? *cough cough*

Yeah, just a little bitter, and the more I read, the more I wish we'd never let these people take over our beloved game and pervert it in such a way.

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