23 December, 2010

Findley Update

It's now official. Findley just signed a 2 1/2 yr contract with Nottingham Forest.

For you Forest fans, here's a little something about what you'll be getting:

He's quick, his touch is okay, but definitely better than Eddie Johnson (Fulham FC). I think he'll do well with you guys, and hopefully doesn't get full of himself like EJ did and become absolute crap.

Video: corvalissoccer

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  1. OK, first of all, that first goal by Findley unassisted was sweet! Secondly, this highlight is from 2008, let us keep in mind that, a year later, Findley singlehandedly led Real Salt Lake to the MLS Cup in 2009. RSL were the lowest seed in the playoffs and won the whole thing. It was that playoff performance that put Findley on the USMNT (where he has yet to score)

    Oh yeah, and the Oregon State thing: Findley was all-Pac-10 four times in four seasons at OSU.


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