10 December, 2010

Hypocrisy Hurts

Not long ago, FIFA stated that this [the WC 2018/2022] bid would be the last one to accept joint bids. To clarify, those of you who remember 2002 Japan/Korea co-hosting a World Cup, it proved some challenge for transportation to and from as many joint bids that could come from outside Europe might.

Then this came to light.

Funny, I don't remember hearing or seeing anything about this in the original bid papers. And that Australia planned to offer NZ some games, was merely mentioned, not put in writing and certainly not talked about during the bidding. So why does a country with one airport which brags about the ability to be able to host so many people in so close an area in such heat tempered by A/C feel that it needs to offer other countries in the Middle East hosting rights to some of the games?

I mean, if Qatar can't host all the games, what was it doing bidding? Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that the point of bidding? Or is it really about making a quick buck?

Which brings me to another issue with FIFA. Blatter went on record to say that "if we wanted to make the most money, the USA would be the 2022 host." Now this, I have to laugh at, as it's a play on words. If by "we" he means FIFA as an entity, then yes. If by "we" he means his fellow 22 money grubbers on the Executive Committee, then the answer is no, because Qatar has already proven that it is willing to play the system and do everything possible to get the Cup in its general vicinity (see ~$75 mil payoff to Argentina's 1st div which claims to be completely flush with cash despite not months ago stating that it wouldn't be able to have, let alone finish, this season without all the debt many of the clubs held being eliminated).

Now, granted, Blatter called England "sore losers" because they called him out and questioned him in public, and did rightfully so. So what does that make every other country that bid for 2022 if Qatar doesn't host all the games?

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